Premiere : Audio Mixer problems (disk #7 ???)

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Joined: Mar 1 2002

I'm the proud owner of AV package, which I'm running on my Windows98 (SE).

Everything works very well except that Premiere 6.0 gives the following warning message when I try to open the Audio Mixer:

Audio Mixer is not supported by the selected Hardware.

This seems to be a common problem experienced by many users. I then went to the Fast-Dazzle website and downloaded a patch to fix this propblem but when installing the new drivers I get the following message :

Insert New Disk. Place installation disk #7 into the floppy drive and press the OK button.

I don't have any such disk and therefore can't continue installing the new drivers. What is the problem? Floppy Disk?

Any ideas?

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It sounds like you didn't completely download all of the driver components. Make sure you have all of them. You may be missing Setup.W07