Premiere Pro support?

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Steele Johnson
Joined: May 29 2003

Does anyone know if we are going to get support for Premiere Pro?

Joined: Jan 2 2001

Only if Dazzle Europe under Pinnacle decides to support Premiere Pro. Not likely to come out of any USA development given that AV is not widely marketed in the USA any more (although I see a few places that still list it). I see that it has recently been bundled with Dazzle DVD Complete and Premiere 6.5 in Europe under the " AV plus" name.

Joined: Mar 7 1999

There will not be support for Premiere Pro - and I have this from a very high authority within Pinnacle.

Bob C

Joined: Sep 19 2001

Premiere Pro is only for Windows XP too. So while it looks nice, everything I have works just fine right now. I would buy it if it supported W98 but I'm leaning towards keeping what I have until it irretrievably breaks down.

Joined: Nov 10 2002

Interestig problem. I am ready to upgrade my system a notch, but since Pinnacle has taken over Dazzle and there will be no support for Premiere Pro - get the feeling increasingly of being at the wrong party. Am wondering whether to stick with what I have as long as possible (like mrbb) or consider another way forward. At risk of crossing the boundary of this forum, what do others think? Does anyone find the Canopus Storm2 upgrade offer tempting, like me - or can suggest why (apart from cost) these developments will not take business from Pinnacle/Dazzle. It seems Premiere Pro comes optionally with the US Canopus offering. Any reason why Storm2 it should not be bought straight from the USA (to UK or Germany) - sadly jumping ship on the hardware side, but staying in the same software environment for editing at least?