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dear sir
I am fast product user i have a dv now av video card now
i work under pal 720 576 i have some truble that i need your help
first there is a black lines in to side of my fream that when i use motion and trnsition they are visoual
also some filter doesnt work like postrage time and when i use croping my fream have shaking
before i use dv now av i used fast av master 95 and alsopinacle dc 30 and dv 500 so i have some animation
and back colour that when i convert them i have shake in my things
cuz there is a defrent in resolotion they are 768 576 or 720 540 how can i fix them
we havesony dsr 250 dv cam and it have a 6 pin dv in and out but dv now av have 6 to 4 pin cable
if i use a 6 pin to 6 pin dv cable then i can capture in dv

and at last is this true that as soon as 2 mounth dv now av will work in real time

thanks alot
babak khosravi

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As for the black bars on the two sides of the picture, they are most likely coming from your camera. Many DV cameras have a screen resolution somewhat smaller than 720x576, leaving you with those black bars around the frame.

I seem to remember that some capture cards can work in "cropped" mode, getting rid of this black border, but is not one of them. You can create a mask that makes the sides of the screen transparent for clips that are affected. The way to do it depends on your editing application and footage.

Thomas Anderson