The problem of having one hard drive

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What is the problem of having one hard drive
with the DVNOW AV ?
If I need two - Is there a spesific way to connect them for editing use ?

Thanx again

Mike D
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The problem is not related to the DV Now.AV, but to digital video capture in general. The drive needs a steady 3.5mb per second stream. It's nearly impossible to do that and have your OS doing things on the same drive at the same time without disrupting the video stream. Putting a separate drive on the 2nd IDE channel strictly for video capture will solve the problem.

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The new second drive will be the SLAVE drive, (usually primary slave), and you will have to set jumpers on it to configure it as a slave. First detect it in your bios, then FDISK it , then format it. EZPeezy.

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There are no hard and fast rules - though I used to think there were.

Two people here are giving contrasting advice because, I asssume, it has worked that way for them.

My advice is to try Mike D's method first and, if it doesn't work, then try allan's way.

Here's a thread that supports Mike D's method (which I happened to spot five minutes ago), doubtless if you search these forums, you could find otherss who'd say allan's method worked for them.

Bob C

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In my case, the Primary/Slave combination doesn't work. I have to put the system drive as Primary Master and the video drive as Secondary Master to avoid desync of voice and video. I think the two harddisks cannot share one IDE port due to heavy IO.