problems with athlon/abit kt7 and video capture

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i have massive problems with capturing.
the picture is very crappy (artefacts and strange lines that look like interlacing lines) and when i try to ply the captured file, my computer freezes. same if i use the capture function of my graphics card (asus 7100 deluxe combo).
my system is an athlon 900 , abit kt7 RAID motherboard (no raid stripe, only one disc IBM 40gigs 7200)

can anyone please help me ???

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It sounds like a resource conflict. Have you checked whether AV Master has its own IRQ?
AV Master has to have an IRQ between 9 and 15. This is how to check IRQ's and change them if there is a conflict:

Go into Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Device Manager/Computer. Look at the column of IRQ numbers on the left. Check that the AV Master is not sharing an IRQ number with any device except an ‘IRQ holder for PCI Steering.’

If it is sharing an IRQ with any other device (eg. sound card / modem / USB controller) you will need to assign it an IRQ of its own by doing one of the following:

a) Move the card to a different slot. The card will be redetected and Windows will reassign the IRQ’s to the devices. After doing this, go back to the Windows Device Manager and check whether the AV Master has its own IRQ.

b) Go into the BIOS and assign a specific IRQ to the slot that the card is in. Not every BIOS allows you to do this. The motherboard manufacturer will be able to tell you if it is possible and how to do it.

c) Disable or remove the device that the AV Master is conflicting with.
If you need all the devices in the system and do not want to remove any, you can create a separate Hardware Profile:

Go into Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Hardware Profiles.
Make a copy of the Original Configuration and name the new configuration ‘Video Editing.’
Restart the system. At start-up you will be given a choice whether you want to go into the Original Configuration or the new ‘Video Editing’ configuration. Select Video Editing.
Once in Windows, go into the Device Manager and disable whichever devices you do need on the system for video editing. For example, disable the modem or TV card or USB controller etc.
This will free up resources within your Video Editing configuration, so that hopefully your AV Master will not share resources. After disabling the other devices, just check again whether the AV Master has its own IRQ.
Hardware Profiles/Configurations are particularly useful if you have many devices in the system.

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