PS3 reported to have temperature problems at Tokyo Game show

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I sometime think Sony is taking lessons from GWB on Denial ;-)

It has been widely reported that people attending the Game Show in TOKYO were seeing PS3's being reset. In a report it is interesting to see the Sony Spokes person basically saying we are not sure of the problem but we probably are not going to investigate.

Sounds like this has become part of Sony culture, like the early reports re the LI Ion batteries. the concept that if you ignore and deny a problem some how it goes away.

It would not be unusual for new machines to have problems, and I doubt if Sony had been up front and said these are early production units, we are investigating and we will make sure there is a fix before shipment, everyone would have said, no big deal.

It is the constant disconnect from reality that is worrysome. Share prices have slid 20 percent since April and were down about 3 percent the other day. I wonder if Sir Howard Kb has kept a home in Wales, he just might need it if things on his watch keep going the way they seem to have gone recently.

People were amazed to see a Welsch/Yank take over as CEO of Sony, maybe the insiders saw the problems and wanted to make sure they had an easy target to blame??

Then again in the world of spying on your fellow board members, restating options to guarantee profits to the holders; burning up pc's, missing shipping targets, and having a disasterous launch of a new format you were banking on might seem minor.

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Sony now admits that the version running at the game show was not the final version of the operating system.

Sorry folks but at this stage of the game, with just about a month to go for delivery in the US and Japan you would expect that the OS would be finalized!!!!!

This is not to say that there will be updates and that there will be bugs,. BUT USUALLY SOMEONE IN QUALITY CONTROL makes sure that the system can at least run successfully in demo's at trade shows.

The story just seems to be getting worse and worse.
There is a marketing slogan in the US that goes

I think it is becoming obvious that PS3 is not going to be really ready for shipment but to save face and meet a deadline Sony seems to be willing to risk it all on making this date

The other marketing expression is

You only get once to make a first impression