Pure Motion releases V5 of its video editing package EditStudio

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Pure Motion is proud to announce the release of version five of its video editing software EditStudio

For full information on the new features of EditStudio 5 see: www.puremotion.com/editstudio

Download the new version from: www.puremotion.com/downloads

Building on the stable platform of EditStudio 4, we have listened hard to
our customers, making changes to improve workflow and productivity.

Additionally, powerful image processing features have been added that provide the same capabilities for video as are currently available for digital camera images. New audio tools now ensure that EditStudio is a complete audio editing and mixing package.

More Plug-ins and Effects

* Three-point colour correction effect, providing advanced colour correction and matching

* Digital photo quality levels and curves controls

* Fast and high-quality MPEG encoder is now provided as standard. This gives the ability to create high quality video for Video CD (VCD), Super VCD (SVCD) and DVD use

* MPEG-2 import

New Timeline Editing Tools

* Delete spaces in the timeline by simply clicking on them and hitting "Delete"

* Insert items into a space, or between two other items and EditStudio will automatically expand the space to accommodate the new item

* Optional dual time cursor for cutting out or keeping sections with just a single click

* Automatic transitions created by simply overlapping two items

* Automatic audio crossfades by overlapping two items

Improved Audio

* Audio can now be sped up, slowed down and reversed. This now gives the same flexibility as video items

* New audio effects including five band graphic equaliser, echo and wind-noise removal

* Audio volume levels can be set for each item and each layer. This is on top of EditStudio's existing ability to keyframe audio volume, balance and pan

Ease of Use

* New look for items in the timeline. Clarity enhancements such as drawing effects directly onto the item - clicking on the effect displays the effect's properties, clicking on the item displays the item’s properties

* Redesigned menus

* More keyboard shortcuts

* Tabbed sections in the Media Explorer allow commonly used items to be accessed more quickly and easily

Pricing and Upgrades

Prices, including upgrade prices, are shown in the online store at:

Customers who have bought EditStudio since October 1st 2004 will receive a free upgrade to EditStudio 5.

For more details on upgrading, see: www.puremotion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5503

Big Thanks...

Many thanks to everyone who has provided feedback and suggestions - we hope that we've managed to incorporate much of what you wanted. Additionally, an extra big thanks to our beta testers (you know who you are!) for providing excellent feedback during the later stages of development.

The Pure Motion team

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Graham Dean

Prices are as follows:

EditStudio 5 Home: £49.00

EditStudio 5 Pro: £99.99

Competitive upgrade: £35.00. Qualifying products:
Adobe Premiere Elements (any version)
Adobe Premiere (version 5 or above)
Pinnacle Studio (version 7 or above)
Pinnacle Liquid Edition (any version)
Roxio VideoWave (version 6 or above)
Ulead MediaStudio Pro (version 6 or above)
Ulead VideoStudio (version 7 or above)
Vegas (any version)

Upgrade from any previous EditStudio version to EditStudio 5 Pro: £29.00

Customers who bought EditStudio after the 1st of October 2004 receive an upgrade to version 5 for free.
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Thanks for doing that. As you know, I tried to get hold of those prices before posting the info about the new product, but your site was getting swamped by all the people wanting to download the new version!

And, that, to me, must be a good sign.

Bob C (off to have a fiddle right now with V5)