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I don't know if anyone at Highbury read these forums, other than Bob, and I don't want to trouble him over this as it has nothing to do with him, but I'm sure I'm not alone in being somewhat in the dark regarding subscriptions.
I renwed my Subscription recently and have received the first, and last:{ , copy of CVE, that being the Feb issue. A printed letter was enclosed explaining the closure of the mag, along with alternatives for recompense.
One of the alternatives is to replace CVE with a subscription to Camcorder User, which I will probably choose. However, the first issue will be sent out on March 10th 2005, which leaves a two month gap if things had stayed the same. Would the issue sent out on 10th March be the May issue ? If publishing times for Camcorder User are the same as CVE, why can't I be sent the March Issue in January? If Camcorder User is published in the Month that appears on the cover, I would be happy to have January's edition sent to me in January. Not meaning to split hairs, but I was expecting another 11 issues of CVE in my paid up subscription; I don't know what the annual subs are for camcorder user, and I doubt they are greater than CVE, but if I have to wait until March 10th, what edition will my first one be, and how many editions in total will I receive?

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The first Cam User mag to have the new editorial will be the one sent out on March 10.

What they are saying, in effect, is that this is the logical one to start with if what you want to see in there is a wodge of additional CV-type material.

Seems a fair and decent conclusion but if you are happy to start your subscription to CU earlier, you only have to contact them and let them know.

Note, too, that the frequency of publication CU is 13 per year, not 12, so until someone crams an extra month into each year, the only way to properly label a mag is by its issue number.

In terms of how many issues you get - I'd suppose that this would depend on how many issues you had outstanding from your CV subscription.

Again, if you contact the subs people they should be able to give you chapter and verse.

Bob C

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I didn't want to bother you this Bob, it's not your department. Thanks very much for the information. I suppose you are not at liberty to say, but it would be nice if we were to see some of your influence in CU from March onwards.
All the best