Realtime down conversion using a PS3

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Hi all you HDV to SD downconverters :D

Fortunately I rarely need to spend time on this time taking task since most of my material these days finishes up exclusively on Blue Ray discs, so when I was asked for SD copies of a couple of BD's by a friend who expected them more or less free, then to be honest I was not pleased.

At first I thought "get lost" :p

.. but then I had a thought.. why not see if I could play the BD's in my PS3 and record from it's SD output socket directly into my domestic home DVD recorder?

It did take me some time to figure out how to set the PS3 video output options for PAL SD but then, yes, real time hardware conversion straight to SD DVD-R discs and without a Snell and Wilcox!

Hmm, maybe quality leaves something to be desired but that could just be me since I have got used to HD, maybe I'm no longer a good judge of what decent SD should look like, anyway they are freebies ;)

Now I need to reconfigure the PS3 to output 1920P again, ooer!

Could be worth a try folks?


Rob James
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Full marks for ingenuity! makes a lot of sense for a quick freebie.

Rob The picture is only there to keep the sound in sync