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Hello, I am about to shoot a 5 minute film and I would like to use an external sound recording system (usually just use the onboard mic, but I want to treat this venture more seriously)

Anyhows I need to obtain a sound recordist.

I have been told I will need my soundman to provide and operate a boom and a mixer. Can anybody add to this?

I REALLY appreciate your help.


John Willett
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Are you looking for a professional soundman?

If so, how much are you prepared to pay?

If you post the full details (or PM me) and include your contact details; I will post it all on the forum that is used by all the freelance sound recordists.

You can then discuss it in person direct.

A good recordist would have a time-code recorder, mics, radios, boom, etc. But you will need to discuss your requirements properly with the recordist.

Anyway - I hope this helps.

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