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I would like to know whether FAST AV Card works fine with win ME. If so kindly let me know where do we get the ME Driver.

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Hi Kangayan,

Yes it does.

My understanding is that FAST AV Master is supported under Windows Millennium Edition using Ulead Systems MedaStudio Pro 6.0.

The requisite 4811.6 KB file is AV Master 2.5 Build 0024 (for Windows 98(SE), ME with Ulead MediaStudio 6.0 only !) and is a free download available at: oftware.nsf/usdownload/2000731AVMaster2.5Build0024forWindows98SE,MEwithUleadMediaStudio6.0only!?OpenDocument

The download page advises:

"This Version is designed to work with Ulead MediaStudio 6.0 only! Please do not install this version with other versions of Ulead MediaStudio (e.g. 5.2)! The new version 2.5 of the AV Master drivers is a special version for the Ulead MediaStudio 6.0 support and contains no other changes or new features."

FYI there is also a MediaStudio Pro 6.0 update to version at

Hope this helps.



Paul Dutton
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