Remove the stereo mics from Z1E to use grads

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to this so be gentle with me. The thing I 'd really like to do is remove the stereo mics from the front of the Sony HVR Z1E. Why, well because I want to put a matte box on the front and use grads which require a bit of space to move them up and down. The stereo mic gets in the way of this (and is pretty useless anyway). Anybody taken a screwdriver to that end of the camera?


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Your problem is that the mic unit is fixed underneath with two screws which go through a plastic moulding. This moulding is part of the handle and you'd have to saw it off (having removed the mic) which would burn your boats as far as replacing the mic (for resale, for example) and would also invalidate that lovely two year Silver Support.

The only 'user change' in the mic department that is easily reversible is to change the Ext Mic holder to underslung, which makes it easier to fit the camera in a bag.

Ray Liffen