Rendering with Vegas 5.0

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David Geeil
Joined: Apr 4 2003

I have a project that is 50 minutes in length. I want to transfer it to DVD, i hvae rendered it at a resolution of 720 576 PAL the total file size is 11.52gb.

This is far to big how can i compress it to get it on to DVD?

Yours David

Z Cheema
Joined: Nov 17 2003

Dave I have the feeing you have rendered it as an AVI, as there is about 13Gb an hour and you have 12Gb with a 50min project.

You need to render to an MPEG 2 file, select this in the "Render As" box, from the "SAVE AS TYPE " select MPEG-2 and then in the "TEMPLATE" select DVD PAL (for UK)this should be OK for the 50mins