Review of Video Toaster?

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Are there any plans to run a review of NewTek's Video Toaster 2?

Video Toaster is a Hardware/Software combination that takes a completely different approach to 'Computer Video' than that of the more usual 'non-linear editing'.

Am I the only person here who is interested in reading an in-depth review of this piece of 'kit'?

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We are in the process of trying to arrange a review.

I do not yet know the timescale but will try to report back as soon as I have any firm dates.

Bob C

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Video Toaster, now that takes me back.

I was using an Amiga to generate titles/captions/graphics in a linear suite when the first version of Toaster hit the streets in the USA. Everybody in England wanted it, Newtech said they were developing a PAL version, but I don't think it ever arrived.

Ah well, that's life........

.....but I'd certainly be interested in reading about it.