FOR SALE: HV20 (used twice!), plus WDH43 wide angle still new in the box, Lytecap & extras

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I bought a Canon HV20 kit a while ago but only used it like twice and never needed it again. It is still basically new and some of the accessories in the kit, like the WD-H43 wide angle adapter is still new, unopened and in the box. The kit also includes a Lytecap, extra high capacity battery and a separated charger which doesn't come stock with the camera, plus the mini SD card.
Here's what is in the kit:

*HV20 HD camera- Barely used with all original accessories (battery, cables etc) and original box.
* Canon WD-H43 wide angle adapter (new, unopened)
*Lytecap-Never used (For those who don't know, this is a device used to lock the exposure without needing a cell phone. So you can do the cell phone trick without a cell phone and more precisely since the Lytecap light source is adjustable. Those are rare because you can't get them anymore.)
*Mini SD card (for locking exposure and for photos)
*Extra high capacity battery
*Fast charger for high capacity battery
* Tiffen Smoque 1 filter- New, never used! (This is a great filter to simulate realistic fog or smoke. It works great to get that smoked room effect or a fog night effect without actually using a smoke or fog machine, which in most cases are not available. Besides real smoke and fog is very difficult to control.)

I think this is a great kit and it's a pity that it never gets any use. I tried selling it a while back but ended up not selling and never took the time to sell it till now.
Maybe somebody can put it to good use.
I would sell the whole kit together or just the parts.
If you are interested please PM me or reply to this thread. I'm accepting any reasonable offers. It could make a great second camera for somebody using DSLRs or who needs a small but very sharp full 1080p camera.
This is the 24p version and the camera is in the E.U.