Samsung DV Problem

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Joined: May 24 2006

Hi all,
Brand new member in this forum. I have an issue which I would like to resolve.

I assembled a new HTPC and I am trying to capture videos using firewire and my Samsung DV camera.

I have an X1800XT, and AMD X2 3800 together with an MSI motherboard.

When I plug in my DV Camera through firewire and try to start playing it using Windows Movie Maker my PC restarts.

At first I thaught it was Movie Maker which was the problem and therefore I used another video editing package which worked well. However when the monitor shuts down due to power saving and I move the mouse, my computer restarts.This only happens when the video editing package is actually capturing the video from my firewire DV camera.

I do not know where the problem lies. I think that there is an incompatability with the camera I am using.

Yesterday I have also downloaded a patch for Windows XP for firewire but all in vain.