Sat Nav £199

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Z Cheema
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Should be in Lidl's next weekend if you are after one.
I have seen t in there latest flyer through my door today

My Guide Falk navigtaor. it is a pocket PC with a built in antenna and software, works well and can play music and videos

keep an eye on this page

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I can not see it advertised on their website Z.
Would not mind getting that one. Propabably regional offer.

Couple of questions:
How long the batterries last
Can it synchronise with MS Outlook?

Regards Mahesh

Z Cheema
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Sorry Mehesh did not see your reply.

Battery lasts a good few hours, but have never used it on battery all day, plugs into the car ciggie lighter socket.
It syncs with MS Outlook (not sure about Express), I use it for that to keep my e-mail, address and diary bit son it.

Plays MP3 and WMV files.
Keep an eye on the Lidl site for the offers, not a bad SAt NAv works for me.

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sat nav at lidl stores

Just came across this thread and was wondering if this offer emerged at any of the Lidl shops. It doesn't appear on their website at present.

Comparing it to the competion on what you get is looks very good value and just what I have been looking for to assist the planning of routes between say the church and the reception at an unfamiliar location - particularly when something changes after the checkout a few days previous or a wrong turn taken on the day.

If it is a "local" offer then I would appreciate knowing a quick where and when.



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I bought a Road Angel about a month ago £550 it does the cameras as well. It's very good but the postcode doesn't always work too well and other times it takes you to the door.

Considering a guy I know had his insurance rise by £1000 after getting 6 points in two weeks I reckon it's cheap and I do love my fast car.

No doubt the facist society we live in will outlaw them so they get more money of the hard workers to give to the idle.

Studio with green screen for hire near Gatwick Airport.
Kit hire facilities on site.

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It's kind of difficult to ban the GPS-based camera 'detectors' as they're not receving anything emitted by the camera. At worst they could ban companies selling such detectors, but then they could just sell a GPS which allowed you to download 'sites of interest' from the web, and users could create their own database.

I have a Geodsy, one of the first-generation systems, and it's been great (and much safer) to be able to go back to watching the road while driving rather than having to look out for cameras hidden behind trees and road signs.

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This is the Mio168 based system. The s/w it comes with is important, tom tom allows 6 digit post cdes, co-pilot 4 digit, not sure about what Lidl are bundling.

The mio works well, be aware flimsy interface cable, need th esd card in for sat nave to work. This is a shame as otherwise you could use it as a cobined mp3 player and sat nave in hte car.

Stables had then at around £299 less 20% recently so looks like the price is dropping -their version had mobile pc and outlook interface.

Z Cheema
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Lidle sell the GPS units in an ad-hoc basis, so keep looking on their site.

Go to for more information on the stuff.