Scsi 2 Hdd Problems

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i have been using DPS Perception with great results for last 4 years ! always edited short features hence no need for large storage space

curently working on 1 hour long documentary in Kenya and desperately need to upgrade hard drive space unfortunately not many reselers in the UK stock SCSI 2 hard drives (this system works best with Seagate Baracuda / Seagate Chetah amongst others)

anyone out there with SCSI 2 drives can make a quick sale off me as i am visiting the UK this week and depart Friday 18th Nov hopefuly with disk array with 4 new drives ???

used disks considered esp[ecialy if you can asist me to populate my curent bdrive array which i brought in from Kenya and wish to travel back with on Friday ..........

quick reply please ROLLY5

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You've got PM

Dave Farrants Fox Video Editing

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Speak to Martin Kay at ZEN Computer Services.

He's a DPS guru & experienced in providing SCSI solutions that work.