SDI Wireless - 500m plus - Omni directional SNG

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Any ideas??

Dealing with Link Research at the moment, just thought someone might know something i don't?!?!

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I would think 500m plus would be a max range, most links I have seen are about 100-250m line of sight.

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Teradek Cube?

Have you looked at the Teradek Cube?
Will soon have TX and RX units at approx £1500 each.
Uses 802.11n WiFi so might get range OK.

Otherwise there's the IDX Camwave, but that's 50m odd range.

Or the Boxx meridian unit?


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When you say "SDI wireless", I don't think it's possible to get a radiocam link that is SDI as such - they all have to use compression.

The problem then is latency - the more efficient the codec in regard to quality v bitrate, the longer the delay in doing the compression. That may not matter in some applications, but latency becomes a big problem when it's being intercut with cabled cameras live, or doing two ways with a studio.

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Gigawave are the transmitters i've always used. Not sure what their official range is but i've seen them used in sports venues where the cameras are at least a couple of hundred meters from the receiver. Latency is good, better on the "low latency" versions of their products.

I like the gigawave system as it maintains the ability to rack the camera. The receivers use traix to get the signal to the CCU so you can have the reviver out in the field near the camera and then run triax back to the truck.

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Thanks for all the info, i'll let you know what i go for. Currently in the design stage with a few companies.