Sennheiser Recomendations?

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I am building up a complete video productions the editing set up, the XL2, and tripod. Im looking at the EW100ENG G2 set up....and i also need a directional microphone. What would you recommend? Cost is a big consideration, but would rather have something that does the job well! Should i get a wireless one to work with the radio kit? This is mainly going to be used for corperate videos, training videos etc but also need to be flexible, for the odd wedding, conference etc.

I would love any thoughts, recomendations, or advice you may have. Thanks!

John Willett
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Easy - K 6 + ME 66 with a Rycote Multimount and, possibly a Rycote Softie as well.

This will work happily on or off camera and can be converted to radio by using the plug-on transmitter in the ew 100 ENG G2 kit.

This will be the best option with the greatest flexibility.

I hope this helps.

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