Seperating audio?

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I have been asked by a family member if it is possible to seperate vocals from the backing track. I beleive that the track inquestion is in casette form and what it is required for is one of the family is in a theatre group and will be singing this particular song and they want to practice it using the backing only. Unfortunately they don't have access to an instrumental version .
Is there a way of doing this.
John R

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HI you probably will have mixed success but here are a few links

Usually what is basically done is that vocals are usually positioned in the center of the stereo image, SO with some clever phase reversal the software can eliminate them. Sometimes it works sometime it does not, but if you are trying to use it for practice it is worth a shot.

Hope this helps

Dave R Smith
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Some Hi-fi decks/amplifiers have different sound modes - theatre/concert etc and karaoke is sometimes on the list. This is true of some amp's over 10 years old as well.

Many computer sound card options have similar settings and when you record, you can record 'What u hear' (that is the tweaked sound not the source).

In either case, karaoke mode, supresses Frank Sinatra - I mean the vocals.

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