sibilance when I put MP3s onto the Premiere timeline

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tom hardwick
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I have MP3 encodings that sound fine on CD, but when pulled into the Premiere 6.5 timeline they sound more sibilant and sshhhy. It's especially
noticeable on ''The look of love'' by Dusty Springfield.

Is there a way that I can convert them to 48kHz files before they reach the 6.5 timeline? Storm 2 / Premiere 6.5/ Pioneer A09. All other audio is fine.

Once the audio is placed onto the timeline it gets sibilant, and exporting
it from the timeline to .wav simply makes a sibilant copy.
Nero Express 6 doesn't offer me the option of converting the files to wave. If I place a normal CD in there Nero offers all sorts of file extensions I might like it converting to.


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Storm Audio ... can capture from analogue input at 48khz in realtime.( connect standalone cd player to analogue inputs on storm ( stormbay ) breakout box )

nero should allow you to make an audio cd copy ( i.e. 44.1khz wav file )

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(free) CDeX converts MP3 to WAV (i think!)