Single XP or Dual MP ???

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Col Dee
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Hi all (new member btw). I make films using a DV500+ and Premiere, and much of my work is rendering animations done in Bryce.

I am about to upgrade from a P2 600mhz motherboard to an AMD one. My intention is to have a dual-processor motherboard, for maximum processing speed.

I've heard the Athlon XP is the best chip around just now; best value for money and it's better than the equivalent Intel chip.

But I've also been told that, because of its architecture, the XP chip can't handle being used in a dual processor setup - even if both CPUs are the same model.

So I thought perhaps instead I should get a dual MP motherboard...

Can anyone clarify this for me? Would, for example, I be better getting a twin MP 1800 than a single XP 2000?

Thanks in advance,

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Jim Bird
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I'm off out, but check out this site


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Logically, yes, but it depends on the software you're using. It must be designed to for multi-processing. Can't help you on that.

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If you use video editing tools it is well worth going for the dual processor option. Adobe products can handle multi-threading / multi-tasking on dual cpu platforms. Note however that two XPs on a dual processor board will not perform correctly. You must install MP processors. I have built a number of dual configurations for friends and all have been delighted and happy with the extra cost. In the end it is up to you to assess benefits v. cost. (Also see my answer to your Elsa question.)


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Hi Col,
I recently found a site where they used conductive paint such as that used to repair broken car heated rear screens, in order to fool a pair of Athlon XP into working as MP with no problems on dual processor boards.Check out:

Obviously doing this is entirely at your own risk but it makes you wonder......