Slow Clock Speed

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I have the following editing system:

Gateway Solo 9300 laptop with a docking station containing the Raptor PCI card.

It is running Premier 6, Win98SE and has:

CPU PentiumIII 750MHz, Memory288MB, HD1(os) 18GB IDE Type40 - DMA enabled, HD2 (edit) 32GB type80 - DMA enabled, VGA Rage mobility-M1AGP SDRAM Memory 8MB, DVD player DMA enabled.

I had a crash and had to re-install the OS anew. My system did not capture at all.

Bob Crabtree recommended to enable DMAs Install Direct X8, Update Capture Card Driver. Thank God for clever sod's it is working again.

My problem is as follows: HD1 read14MB Write:7MBHD2 read16MB Write 8+Mb hoe can I improve WRITE speed?

I purchased a DVStorm based on the info provided by Canopus that 750MHz will do MOST of FX in real time.

Capture OK after edited (lengthy Rendering)can not put out from timeline. Error message is: Stopped export frame drop occured. TOO SLOW SPEED.

From RAPEdit timeline can be exported.


I am using the system on-the-road. Can somebody recommend a dual motherboard, with independent bus support, a fast CPU to upgrade my PC in order to use the Storm. I know nothing about computers.

Please somebody help



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