Slow Write speed on new external firewire hard drive

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First time poster here. I posted this in the wrong forum earlier. I'm hoping your collective wisdom can help me.

I'm a relative newbie so please bear with me. Here is my setup

-Dell 1.5 Ghz laptop with 20 Gb internal drive
-external 160 GB Western Digital Media Center combo USB 2.0/ firewire drive attached via firewire
-TRENDnet PCMCIA dual port fire wire card
(I currently have all other peripherals unplugged)

The Problem: I have now spent my budget to make home movies on my pc. My video capture software (Pinnacle Plus 9 trial version) now tells me that my 160 GB drive will not write fast enough to capture Digital Video from a camcorder to the hard drive. It reports that my drive can only capture at 2300 kbs, while the software requires at least 4300 for capture. (My too small internal drive can write at around 8000) This new external drive is a 7200 rpm with an 8mb cache. I have reformatted it to NTFS and updated the driver from the Western Dig site. Still the best I can capture at 2500 kb/sec. Can you all help me get this going so grandma can see movies of her newest litte one?

Sincerely, Tom

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Er, second-time actually.

I'm closing this thread, and moving over into this forum your original posting to which there have been replies.

Bob C