Snowboard video for roxy/ quicksilver

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Hey all,

Just before christmas I packed my bags (and a rather heavy camera bag) and tripped off to Kaprun, a ski resort in Austria to film the Roxy Chicken Jam,

I did the motion gfx before hand all the filming was done in 1 afternoon and the edit was done in the evening after the competition.

Hope you enjoy it!


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nicely done, esp at that speed


woulda liked a bit of commentary, mebbe / more vox pops

also the nationalities of the winners alongside the names

were you shooting some of that stuff on auto exposure? seemed like the exposure shifted during a few shots

ty for putting it up :)

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yeh it was more the fact that we had to get it up asap so we couldnt spend much time at all on additional stuff.

I didnt shoot all of it so I wouldnt know but probably, this was the 1st time in the mountains and its quite hard to work and the pace of the competition is such that its hard to get everything right... Still striving to do better next time :)

Thanks for the reply

Mike Pulcinella
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Excellent shooting in difficult conditions!! I found that after about 2 minutes it was a little too much of the same thing for me, not being a snowboarding fan, but other than that I thought it was well done.

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I thought the music was very appropriate and a good choice. Good tracking and some nice use of slo-mo. White balance was off but accept that in these conditions its very tricky.

Also agree with Fuddam's points re comms and VOX POP.

Liked it though! Well Done


Neil Ashcroft
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