So you really want to destroy the data on your hard drive?

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I just saw this interesting clip on the BBC Website: Can a hard drive be totally destroyed?

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Yes, interesting, although it was only when the reporter started to attack it with a hammer that any real damage was done, what wasn't commented on though was that it is this level of destruction that is needed to prevent data being recovered from redundant drives (such as replaced computers).

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It would have been more interesting had they attempted recovery at each stage of a series of increasingly violent attacks: after the window drop, after the pond immersion, after the car run-over, etc...

I think the club hammer was, as expected, the final straw, but the drive was undoubtedly still recoverable at some point before that.

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And to think when you want somthing to work they used to say "Hit it with a hammer" Doesn't make sense now does it????