Sony DCR-TRV270E white balance - can it be adjusted?

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In years gone by, I have used DV-in Lite v1.7 to update the control system on my older Sony camcorders. For example, using information published on:

I have enabled DV and analogue input, and a catalogue of additional features including white balance adjustment. For example, the white balance on a Sony DCR-TRV320E "out of the box" is auto only, like it or lump it. Updating the control system made available the standard Sony white balance options of auto, hold, outdoor, or indoor. In other words, the capability for white balance adjustment was incorporated within the control system, but not enabled. (What was Sony thinking of when they decided to deprive users of this useful facility?) The updating of the control system was accomplished by running DV-in Lite v1.7 on an old PC, in conjunction with a suitable cable to connect the parallel port on the PC to the LANC port on the camcorder.

I would like to be able to update the white balance adjustment on a newer (circa 2005) Sony DCR-TRV270E camcorder, but the cam does not have an LANC port. Does anyone know if the control system may be accessed via the USB port, and if so how, and what software to use for the purpose?