Sony Digital8 Cameras

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Joined: Aug 21 2001

I am planning to buy a digital8 camera for archiving my DV projects. Appreciate any input on choice of midrange Sony Digital8 camera. I will be using DV.Now.AV with Premiere6.

Thanks in anticipation.


PS: Pros & cons would be helpful.

Joined: Aug 22 2001

I just completed a project with the Sony DCR-TRV310 Digital 8 camera. I didn't buy the camera but used it. Everyting was shot on analog tape. Results were not bad but would have been better on digital tape.

For my money I would seriously look at the Sony Mini 8. It is 100% digital and am told results are far superior over the better analog cameras.

Lots of nice features on it too. I looked at the DCR-TRV17. You might check it out at your local dealer.