sony DVC-45p and windows XP

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Joined: Aug 17 2004

I purchased a sony dvc 45, yeah i know bloody expensive.
But here is the thing.
If i connect it to my computer ( athlon xp 3000+, aopen ak77-600max, 2GB of mem, audigy 2, etc) it is recognised correctly and all controls work just fine. But somehow the video date is corrupted or misintrepeted. because all i get when i playback the dv tape is a lot of digital crap, and adobe premiere pro even quits recording all together.
I also connected my DV-cam via the firewire and that one has no problem. So i connected the dvc-45 to the DV-cam. Also no problem.
Now the fun part is in windows movie maker i get the same problems as in premiere, HOWEVER, if i press the "record" button, suddenly the image is correct.
I already installed the dv-type 2 drivers from panasonic, but still no go
am i missing something here?