Sony EX3 with accessories for sale

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Sony EX3. Great condition. Camera has original box and packaging along with instruction manuals etc. The latest firmware is also installed.

Comes with VF Gadgets baseplate (version 1) with shoulder mount/cheeseplate addition with VCT14 tripod wedge/rails adaptor. This not only gives a hugely more robust tripod plate mounting solution than the one built into the camera, but it also give you the ability to use VCT-14 tripod quick release mounts, matte box rails, and a cheese plate for mounting other accessories.

Anton Baeur battery system and adaptor for the EX3 (QR EX3) with four Dionic 90 batteries and charger.

AB batteries are in generally good condition. Two of them are slightly old, but will still power the EX3 for a good number of hours. The newest batteries in the bunch will power the camera for around 6 hours. Using this adaptor also gives you D-tap power output option.

AB charger is the Quad Power Charger which takes 4 batteries and will monitor them, perform tests, and generally keep the batteries in as good condition as possible.

Camera comes with three SxS cards, 2 x 8GB and 1 x 16GB giving around two hours recording total. Kensington SD card adaptors are also included, though you will need to add your own SD cards.

Package also includes Red Eye wide angle adaptor and Kata 195 camera bag.

Costed up new inc vat the above package would cost £11,226.

A brand new EX3 will cost £7k on its own, and CVP are selling a used EX3 for £5994 on its own.

I will sell all of the above lot for £6500. Or am open to sensible offers.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me on 01684 563765 or email: simon at 5ep . co . uk or via pm.