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Chaps, I'm thinking of adding another cam to our FX1's & was considering a V1. However I know the V1 is a CMOS unit whereas our other units are CCD. What difficulties will I experience between the 2?

tom hardwick
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You don't say what duties you'd like the V1 to perform. Is the main reason you want one for the 20x zoom, the fact that it uses tape, the HDMI out, the compactness and light weight? I know Ray loves his but I've never been a fan of going to smaller chips (ΒΌ" on the V1) while at the same time having to accept the severe flash banding as a 'plus'. And although the 20x zoom sounds good, the wide-angle end of 37.5mm is just dull.

If you asked my sales opinion I'd say the V1 only has months to live, but any tape-based camcorder faces this time-of-life. The good points are that all your NP-Fs will fit and you can keep your chargers and Lanc controllers. You'll be able to plug XLR mics straight in, you'll have 25p (!) and slo-mo.


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Tom, the use for the V1 is for wedding filming to add to our FX1's. Yes I agree that tape systems are coming to an end but the end is still several years away (IMHO). Otherwise, HDMI out - not bothered, XLR in is a plus as we also use XH-A1's that have this, Wide angle would be an advantage but if it's dull then that is a slight put off.
How "good" is the V1 in low light compared to the FX1?

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Hi Cary,

I don't know how the V1 compares with the FX1 but when we bought our XH-A1s we did a direct comparison with the V1 and found the Canons to be far better, which they should be having bigger chips. I would think mixing CCD with CMOS is going to give colour balance problems, why not get anothe FX1 or a Z1 which will colour match?


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Gavin Gration
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I prefer the output from the Z1 to the V1. The colour seems better and so does the tonal range.

Just my opinion based in side by side usage at a daytime (indoor and outdoor) corporate exhibition.

The Z1 footage looked more pleasing.

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The only advantage I can see that the V1 has over the FX1 and the Canon XH-A1 is that it is smaller and lighter. Otherwise the Canon has a better lens and XLR inputs. If you want to stick with CCDs, I'd recommend another XH-A1 (the new "s" model has some small but useful improvements). If you want CMOS, try an FX1000 (or Z5) which appears to be a match for the Canon in terms of picture quality, and has the best low-light performace of the three (better than the FX1 which is better than the XH-A1).

(I have an XH-A1 and my regular Steam Age collaborator has just upgraded from an FX1 to an FX1000.)

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