Sony HandyCam DCR-HC20E Firewire Problem--PLS URGENT HELP--

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I have bought new laptop Dell inspiron 6400 with windows vista home perimium.It has IEEE 1394 interface known I.Link in sony community.

For the last few days, i am relentlessly trying to connect my Sony HandyCam DCR-HC20E to my Laptop for making DVD thru Firewire interface.But i have been completely failed to connect it.

When i connect the cable to Laptop, Sony Handycam Play/Edit LCD screen shown the DV-IN message but there is nothing happending on the Windows Vista side,aboslutely nothing.The drivers are already installed and cable does not seem to be faulty.

You are requested to help me on urgent basis.

Thanks in advance Guys

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Sounds a bit like my old Canon MV20i - worked well under 98SE, but unsupported under XP. Camera end OK, PC end nothing. Microsoft Help washed their hands of it - not on their compatable hardware list, even though it worked perfectly before. Canon not interested as it was an obsolete model.

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I've had similar problem on a Dell Inspiron 6000 WinXP with service pack 3. For the last three months I've been trying to get my old faithfull Sony DCR TRV240E DV camcorder to be recognised with Windows Moviemaker and other editing progs. I've tried the same camcorder on a different PC and laptop and it works and is instantly recognised by the computer. I've swapped firewire cables until I'm blue in the face- still nothing. I've used the same cables on other computers with same camera and it works. Yet, the device manager says there's nothing wrong with the Ricoh IEEE OHCI device. Even putting the laptop through an extensive BIOS diagnostic and component test shows nothing wrong. It says all components are fully functional. I've researched this problem on the net and there's countless forums, and sites describing this fault but no real answers. WinXP has drivers pre-loaded and even if it didn't the IEEE 1394 and DV devices such as camcorders are all part of the same internationally recognised software protocols. Even my old PC running Windows ME recognised my DV camcorder.
The camera works on other laptops using original leads and new ones. Other cameras work on my laptop. How crazy is that? Three months ago it worked. Now it doesn't. I have tried patches, updates, installs and re-installs and all have done squat. The camera hasn't been dropped or damaged and neither has the laptop. Apart from the firewire card (built in to the main board) everything works.
I can see why many film makers and media types use Apple stuff. It seems their computers are just set up right for DV editing and processing.
I'm now going to try and remove service pack 3 even though this was installed over 18 months ago and the camera worked perfectly. Several postings have hinted that SP3 can cause firewire renumerator faults - whatever that means....
Good luck with your problem, I hope you manage to sort it or find a solution that doesn't involve replacing the camera or computer.

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ehsvgup wrote:
When i connect the cable to Laptop, Sony Handycam Play/Edit LCD screen shown the DV-IN message but there is nothing happending on the Windows Vista side,aboslutely nothing.

DV-IN on camcorder normally means it is set up to receive video content FROM laptop TO camera.
I am assuming you want to transfer footage FROM camera TO laptop, for editing/burning to DVD.
I strongly suspect, like many other cameras, your cameras DV-IN was set via its menu (not automatic), it should be set to DV-OUT for the required operation.

With camera in VCR (not camera) mode, you should find this in the menu system, perhaps under IN/OUT REC section or something similar.

Hope that helps.

If that's not it, mention what software you are using to try and capture the camera content.

P.S. Thought this was a new post, then twigged India is around 8 hours ahead so written in wee small hours..came back to check..2.5 years old.!

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