Sony hvr-m15e with imovie

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Hi all. Newbie here.
I have a Sony hvr-m15e that I have been using to capture live footage from a Sony HD camera.
The captured footage shows as being 1080i 50p and plays back via component without any problems.
my issue is when importing the footage into imovie.
the Sony connects fine by firewire and is controlled perfectly by imovie but the imported footage shows up as standard definition and looks as bad as composite!
I have double checked all the settings on the Sony and imovie and all seem to be as they should be.
does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be?
imovie imports HD footage from both the Sony HD camera and a Panasonic HD camera without any problems whatsoever.
I am starting to go crazy with this so any help or advice would be gratefully received.
If anyone else is using the Sony hvr-m15e with imovie could they tell me what settings they are using to import HD?
Thanks very much
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Re: Sony hvr-m15e with imovie
I've never played with iMove but you do need to capture in the correct preset.
Check the capture preset and the captured file
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Re: Sony hvr-m15e with imovie
I had an HVR-M15E and it worked fine capturing HDV (via FireWire) to FCP or iMovie.
You must confirm it is set to (or if it isn't, reset it to) - Menu:  IN/OUT REC: iLINK SET:HDV-DV CONV=OFF
Edit: ...and you HAVE to do this with the front panel menu/cursor buttons - you can't do it with the remote.

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Re: Sony hvr-m15e with imovie
One other thing, when you make those menu choices make sure that the firewire is disconnected!

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