sony vx2100

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max u.k.
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Im thinking of buying the sony vx2100 dv cam,
I have a time p.c. with windows xp home,2Ghz,512 ram,AMD Athlon 2400+ cpu digifire 7.1 graphics card
What do i need to get to download,edit,publish dvds. Ive read a lot about many adobe products not working well with Athlon cpus.
Could you tell me will i need dv grab card a difrent graphics card more hard disk space,my p.c. is was upgraded 2001 with the above so no firewire terminals,i need a card for this as well?
Basicly with the system Ive got what do i need to transfer footage from dv cam to a dvd playable inhome dvd player?Kind Regards Max.

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If you buy a Pyro board it gives you firewire connections. If you buy the Pyro ProDVD bundle you get the board as well as video editing siftware and also software to let you convert your work to DVD files. You then burn them to DVD on your DVD burner. It's probably the cheapest way to achieve what you want.
Don't know where you heard AMD processors don't like Adobe software. My Athlon 2600+ gets on fine with Premiere 6.5. It did get a bit warm during Mpeg encoding in the hot weather though. Just need to make sure your PC is well ventilated.
You could probably do with upgrading your RAM to 1Gb. You don't say what size your hard drives are. I use a 40GB for programs and 120Gb for video files.