Specs for Athlon based PC using std OHCI card

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I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered before but can someone suggest a good motherboard for a reliable athlon XP based edit system using an OHCI card and Premiere 6.

Thank you

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I am sure you will get some very good advice but just to say ( as may have been noticed in some of the questions I have raised in these forums) I use a very cheap PC Chips M810LR and it has been able to cope with anything I have asked it to do in Premier. I am not suggesting that you go ahead with this board , I mention this mainly for another reason. I have tried to upgrade this board for better graphics and sound cards. Even maybe another type of Capture card. ( at present I just capture with a standard firewire card. ) The point I raise is that all these things have to be considered when deciding on which motherboard to use otherwise you can never be sure they will be compaterble. I have mentioned many times to various forums and magazines that I feel this is a subject that needs more coverage. ie a list of suitable cards for graphics-sound capture etc that are compatible with the various motherboards. At present I feel the only way to get any advice is to look at the spec shown by the mainline PC retailers as to what they have used,but there should be a better way than that.
I will be interested to see what advice,if any, you are given by our forum members.
Good luck, Ron Grover.
Ps I would suggest however you go for a board with usb2 and if you can locate one firewire on board.