Square Box updates its CatDV 4.0 Mac/Win media database program

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CatDV 4.0 Mac and Windows media database program updated

[STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, UK - June 22, 2005] - Square Box Systems Ltd today announced CatDV 4.0, a long-awaited major update to their flagship video logging and media database application.

CatDV 4.0 is a cross-platform media-asset database, designed for all types of media file but with particular emphasis on video formats.

Features include timecode support, automatic scene detection, automatic logging of DV footage, and the use of preview movies when the original media are offline. There's also extensive metadata support with unlimited user-defined logging fields, and powerful searching and printing capabilities and these extend to media types other than video, such as still images with Exif metadata tags.

CatDV 4.0 is highly scalable. At one end there's an entry-level Standard Edition designed for individuals and hobbyists, at the other there's a Professional Edition, with the Workgroup Server, suitable for television companies, studios and large production houses.

CatDV 4.0 sees improvements throughout all areas but particular highlights include:

* Improved preview handling, with new self-contained preview archives
and a preview manager window
* Search paths to automatically locate media files or previews from
different locations
* Improved HTML export
* Improved movie export (for example, the ability to add subtitles or a burnt-in copyright text)
* New undo and autosave support
* Improved metadata handling
* Support for importing WMV and ASF files
* Support for MPEG-4 and H.264 preview files (requires QuickTime 7)
* Full compatibility with Java 1.4.2 and later
* OMF-import capability now included with Professional Edition
* Integration with the new Live Capture Plus application.

OS support
CatDV 4.0 is available for Macintosh (Mac OS X 10.2 or later) and for Windows (2000, ME or XP) machines running QuickTime 6.5 or later.

Availability and pricing
CatDV 4.0 is available now as a standalone application; a version of the Workgroup Server that is compatible with CatDV 4.0 will be made available in early July.

Prices start at just US$79 for CatDV 4.0 Standard Edition, with CatDV 4.0 Professional Edition costing $275 and the CatDV Workgroup Server starting at $695. Discounted upgrades are available for existing users.

More about CatDV 4.0
Full details of the CatDV 4.0 product family are available at http://www.squarebox.co.uk/products.html. A free demo is available for download from the web site.

About Square Box Systems Ltd
Square Box Systems (http://www.squarebox.co.uk) is an independent software house based in Stratford-upon-Avon UK and specialising in multimedia application development. the company was established in 1999 and launched its first retail product, CatDV, in May 2000.

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