Storm2 what motherboard

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Anybody got any recomendatios for a good stable AMD motherboard to use with the storm2 or should I go the pentium way.

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ASUS P4PE (BTW its the pentium way) I'm a little worried that these AMD chips are running hot these days and this creates alot of noise when you try and cool them down. They also don't have anything over 1700MHZ in real terms which is leaving them much less attractive than the current state of P4's.

I'm waiting to be gunned down for this. As you can see I'm an AMD user but I'm about to switch. I just think they have lost their way.

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I would also second the P4 path. I recently upgraded from an athlon 1800xp to a P4 2.4ghz on an ABIT IT7 MAX2 V2.0 board and have been very happy.

If you want to stay with AMD, i understand the KT400 chipset is storm friendly. You should however avoid the Nforce motherboards as they are not storm friendly.

have a look at the canopus forums for more info.