Streaming rates for IPTV and WDTV

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I posted this elsewhere but thought it may be handy for people to see here:

For info here are the specs for the apple tv mp4 files that I have standardised on for use with the WD HD TV and for IPTV flash streaming:

WD-HD-TV Apple TV:

Stream: Craster.m4v
Path: ~/Movies/ Apple TV/Craster.m4v
Duration: 0:11:51
Data Size: 428.28 MB
Bit Rate: 5.05 Mbps
Video Tracks:
H.264, 1280 × 720, 25 fps, 4.93 Mbps
Audio Tracks:
MPEG-4 Audio stereo, 44.1 kHz, 116 kbps
Stream Files:
Craster.m4v (428.28 MB)

Flash files for the IPTV sites:

Stream: Craster.flv
Path: /Volumes/G-RAID-2 Final Cut Studio/INorthEastTV/IPTV Flash encodes/Craster.flv
Duration: 0:11:51
Data Size: 99.53 MB
Bit Rate: 1.17 Mbps
Video Tracks:
On2 VP6, 852 × 480, 25 fps, 1.11 Mbps
Audio Tracks:
MPEG Layer-3 Audio stereo, 22.05 kHz, 64 kbps
Stream Files:
Craster.flv (99.53 MB)

All the above files are down converted in quicktime from masters with this spec:

Stream: Craster Pro Res
Path: /Volumes/G-RAID-2 Final Cut Studio/INorthEastTV/IPTV Pro Res Masters/Craster Pro Res
Duration: 0:11:51
Data Size: 8.57 GB
Bit Rate: 103.41 Mbps
Video Tracks:
Apple ProRes 422, 1440 × 1080, 25 fps, 101.87 Mbps
Audio Tracks:
16-bit Little Endian stereo, 48 kHz, 1.54 Mbps
Stream Files:
Craster Pro Res (8.57 GB)