System crashes

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Joined: Jul 19 2001

I have this configuration:

Amd Athlon 1 Ghz processor;
256 Mb ram;
Asus A7V motherboard Via Apollo KT133 Chipset (VT8363) and Promise ATA 100 controller;
Quantum Fireball LCT 20 (20 Gb) ATA100 boot hard disc;
2 Quantum Fireball AS30 (30 Gb) ATA100 hard discs;
NVIDIA TNT2 Model 64 video board;
DV Master board;
Windows NT Workstation 4.0;
Speed Razor 4.8.

After 1 - 3 minutes of capture the system crashes (freeze) or Speed Razor automatically stop capture (without crash).

What is the problem?
Thank you!