System okay?

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Deisel Weisel
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Planned system:

A64 4200+ X2
Crucial 1GB (2 x 512 - 3200 - CT2KIT6464Z40B)
Matrox G450 PCI 32mb (G45FMDVP32DB)
BenQ 1640 (DVD writer)
Samsung P80 HD080HJ SATA 80GB/8MB (OS & Programs)
Samsung P120 SP2504C SATA 250GB/8MB (x 3 – Video Storage)
Antec P150 case c/w NeoHE 430w - PSU will be swapped for a Seasonic/FSP if it gives trouble.

Business computer. General office work including database and web. Networked to two other computers. Increasing amounts of video work, involving some encoding and making DVD’s. Must be very quiet, stable, reliable, compatible. No gaming. No overclocking. No raiding.

Which mobo?

Asus A8N-SLI Premium was on my shortlist, but I’ve ruled out NF4 because there appears to be one too many issues with this chip. Various tweaks fix most issues, but I then read about the hard drive corruption problem, and no certain fix yet, and I don’t want my big drives, choka full of video files, corrupting on me. So that leaves ATI and VIA.

The Asus A8V-Deluxe (K8T800 Pro & VT8237) is being phased out, but it has/had the highest customer review score for a 939 board at NewEgg, of 4.74 (out of 5). Been around for a while, but all the more stable for it. One drawback is AGP instead of PCI Express, therefore less future-proof. Also SATA-I not SATA-II.

The Abit AT8 (RD480 & ULI M1575) released last week, which means, unlike the A8V-Deluxe, it’s stability isn't fully proven yet. Has PCI Express, so is more future proof and PCI Express also speeds up things between NB and SB, right? Also SATA-II. Review here: Only problem found was with the RAM switching from 2 back to 3, but my planned RAM is ‘3’, so I’m guessing I bypass that problem.

Which graphics card?

Is the Matrox G450 PCI okay? Low wattage, passive, £45. I need to connect my CRT monitor, which will be upgraded to an LCD at some point. Need also to connect a 14” Sony TV as video monitor.

Need to order components within 24hrs. Any help appreciated :)