Thanks for the memories

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Joined: Sep 17 2000

I've used a few AMD rigs with video production for the last three years, but now I've had to abandon AMD as I couldn't find anyone on this forum or others who've got a Canopus DVstorm2 Pro to run well with any single AMD rig.

And now I'm even wondering if my previous Barton XP2800+ rig with a Pinnacle Pro-One was playing silly beggers cos of this.

It was fun while it lasted.

Billy Ellwood is on Vimeo at the film club

John Farrar
Joined: Sep 13 2000

My PC has an AMD Athlon XP2100+ and it works really well with my Storm2. The mobo, as below, chipset is compatible with the Storm2. I have had no problems running either Premiere 6.5 and now Edius 2.0, although Edius is very stable and Premiere wasn't.