Tieline Technology VS450 vertical interval switcher.

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This is my second posting in a couple of days about a problem with a switcher. I'm not having a lot of luck!

This time it is about a Tieline Technology VS450 vertical interval switcher, which is controllable via an RS232 port (DB9 female) on the back panel. Unfortunately I do not have the control software needed to use this. Could a member please advise me of a link to a site where I could download the software?

Out of desperation I tried to use Kramer K-Router software, predictably without success. Flying a kite, fairly obviously - I should have known better.

I have tried the Tieline Technology (Australian) web site, but I can find no mention of the VS450, let alone the control software. Clearly they do not support the product any more. I would guess that my unit must be 10 or more years old.