Time lapse

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Hey all,

Just been fiddling around with a timelapse technique. This is all done with a Dslr camera, a remote timer typ thing and quicktime. Exported then shuved through Final Cut. I will be doing more of these and a full tutorial that will be blogged if anyone is interested.

Just a short vid but you can see the potential. I will be hitting up bristol this weekend to do more filming and shoot the tutorial.



tom hardwick
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Liked your short sequence especially as you'd used slow shutter speeds to add to the effect.

For my timelapse sequences I film the entire sequence in real time - LP and an 80 minute tape if necessary, giving you two hours in the field. Most camcorders have an inbuilt intervalometer that is pretty useless as they record 4 ot 5 consecutive frames, giving very jerky movement of clouds, say. But then again lots of NLE systems will let you capture just the first frame of each clip, so you'd get smooth movement that way.

By filming and capturing in real time you can decide on the the frame rate in post, vary it at will and more importantly undo what you may have done.

In Premiere I can speed up the footage by 10000 times but no more. I wanted more so I output the compressed clip as a MS.avi and speeded that up in Premiere yet again.


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yeh I have used the techniques using tape before, but these cant deal with the lengths of time that I want to be able to deal with, moon rises, tidal flows, changes in daily light level.

Its more exploring a new way of creating this type of film getting very high quality sequences for minimal budget.

I am working on Final cut, I dont know if there is a way of auto capturing for timelapse on that system, any suggestions?

Cheers for the feedback

Dave R Smith
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Can't speak for FCP but, from memory, on premiere(pro) on file/import you can select image files 'as sequnce'.
Also when you drag/drop a number of files to sequence timeline it will do same function - but would need to make sure their naming convention allows them to appear correctly in project area.
I assume FCP has similar.

So when setting up the capture of images from DSLR to pc, the software usually allows a naming convention.
Use say 'project_nameYYYYMMDDHHMMSS'
not 'project_nameDDMMYYYYHHMMSS' which would up your moon going from 31jan to 01feb due to alphanumeric sorting.


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yeh I assume there is a way to import an image seq into FCP but i was wandering if there was a way to capture standard footage but select certain frames / time say 1 frame every 10 seconds from the tape.

This way you could produce decent time-lapse results, though not on the time scales that the slr can deal with.