Time to upgrade AGP card?

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Thanks to some good advice from you guys and lots of tinkering, my duron 750 system is running almost stutter free. I can export without problems if I render my projects into one file first, but playback from the timeline still intermittently pauses for a fraction of a second or speeds up randomly. I've tried almost every tweak/patch/upgrade available, and I think with my 256mb ram and fast dedicated video drive, I should be able to get better timeline playback. My question : could upgrading my old 8mb intel i740 agp card free up more computer resources for smoother playback from the timeline? If so, could anyone suggest a cheap replacement?
Thanks in advance, Jamie

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An intel AGP card on a un-intel chipset - no wonder you are having problems. The i740 always had compatability problems with anything other than a intel chipset.

The best solution for video editing is a Matrox, however even the up coming G550 has a rather medioca 3D performance. If you need 3D go for an ATI radeon or a nVidia Geforce 2/3.

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What editing card and editing software are you using?

If it is an OHCI card with Premiere 6, then one thing you need to do is uninstall Premiere, reinstall it from CD and then download and install the updater to Premiere 6.1.

YOu should also follow the tips included in the FAQ about dropped frames in the FAQ forum over on the Computer Video magazine side of these boards.

The FAQ is at: http://www.dvdoctor.net/cgi-bin/ubb/Forum3/HTML/000024.html

Bob C