Toshiba set to launch the RD -A1 Standalone HD/ hd dvd hard disk dvd recorder

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Toshiba is about to launch in Japan the RD A1 standalone HD hd dvd/ and hard disk recorder, along the line of the current DVD/HD recorders

While there are lots of great features, the key missing feature is that ability to record 5.1 audio via analog inputs or even it seems a digital input. For the first time it seems to support Firewire OUT, but it is not clear if this will ONLY work with the HD D vhs system like JVC has, it is not clear if it will support HDV via the firewire input

What is great is that already the manufacturers see the market for these types of devices. The current price is still out of sight at 1800 sterling IF you could get it in the UK, but at least it is a start

Bob C over at Hexus seems excited also