Triple-monitor editing on a laptop with Matrox's DualHead2Go

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After Adobe pulled its bundling deals, Matrox and its RTX family of editing packages largely sunk from view, though its Axio HD editing solution now looks like it just might be sort of ready. At last.

On the graphics-card front, the company has been unable to pull back any significant 3D market share from Nvidia and ATI but, on the upside, still justifiably retains a good name for multi-monitor 2D cards that give great results for multi-window video editing - if your editing package isn't ultra modern and needing to use the power that's only available from ATI or Nvidia cards.

Now, though, Matrox looks like it's come up with a product that might make video editors pay attention - at least, those who use laptop PCs. The product, DualHead2Go, is an external box that allows you to run two external monitors from a laptop, while still using the laptop's own screen - though quite what's possible will depend on the graphics processor within the laptop.

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