Ulead & Intervideo to support DTS & VC1

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This to go with Johns post about the Ulead HD DVD development kits....

(FREMONT, Calif. — October 3, 2005) InterVideo®, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII) and its partner Ulead Systems, Inc., leading supporters of the HD DVD standard for high-definition video production and playback, announced today their HD DVD product offerings for DVD playback and multimedia creation will feature DTS™-HD audio support and support for content encoded in VC1, Microsoft® Windows® Media™-based format.

A demonstration of this solution will be showcased at the CEATEC show, Hall 2, Booth # 2A-12 in Japan this week.

Microsoft's VC1 video codec is an ultra-efficient, fully scalable video technology that produces high-quality video at low data rates. With VC1 support, InterVideo-Ulead customers can enjoy video resolutions of up to 1080p--approximately six times the resolution of today's DVD video. The HD DVD format also provides higher disc capacities than the current 4.7GB DVD formats--an HD DVD disc will provide up to 30GB (15GB per layer) for storing rich, crystal-clear content.

"Consumers have told us they want their home videos to have the same visual quality as any Hollywood movie; and that's what these HD-DVD products from InterVideo-Ulead can deliver," said Eric Schmidt group product manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp. "Whether it is used by the professional content author or the novice at home, content created using our VC-1 implementation results in incredible high definition video experiences"

DTS-HD provides the highest-quality audio performance available in the new HD DVD format standard, while offering playback in legacy equipment, such as existing home theater systems. In addition to being able to support a virtually unlimited number of discrete surround sound channels, it can downmix to 5.1- and two-channel, and can deliver audio quality at bit rates extending from DTS Digital Surround up to lossless.

The InterVideo-Ulead HD DVD Authoring Tool and WinDVD? HD DVD, InterVideo’s high-definition DVD content playback software, were made possible through the combined efforts of Microsoft, DTS, InterVideo and Ulead.

"We're proud of the leadership role we play in bringing HD DVD audio and video quality together for consumers," said Steve Ro, CEO and president of InterVideo. "Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality HD DVD experience possible while maintaining backward compatibility with the DVD formats. With the availability of Microsoft VC1 and DTS-HD, we're able to accelerate the development of new HD DVD solutions that will set the pace for the industry."

For navigation and playback of content on an HD-DVD and BD disc, users will be able to use InterVideo's flagship product, WinDVD® HD, to deliver the best HD DVD viewing experience. Future release of WinDVD HD will be available in the near future.

About Ulead Systems
Ulead Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of innovative video, imaging and DVD authoring software for desktop, server, mobile and Internet platforms. As more people use digital technologies at home, school and the workplace, Ulead software empowers users of all levels with the tools to easily and affordably personalize, manage and share digital content. Ulead is a member of the DVD Forum, participates in DVD Forum Working Groups and is a general member of the HD DVD promotion group. Ulead is also a Contributor member of Blu-ray Disc Association and serves on the BDA TEG. For more information on the company, its products and services, please visit Ulead's Web site at www.ulead.com.

About InterVideo, Inc.
InterVideo is a leading provider of DVD software. InterVideo has developed a technology platform from which it has created a broad suite of integrated multimedia software products that allow users to capture, edit, author, burn, distribute, and play digital video. InterVideo's software is bundled with products sold by the majority of the top ten PC OEMs ranked in terms of sales by IDC. The company is headquartered in Fremont, CA with regional offices in Europe, Taiwan, China and Japan. For more information, contact InterVideo at 510-651-0888 or visit the company's Web site at www.intervideo.com.

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