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Ok. I have been dealing with this dv video problem for just about a year now. I don’t expect to get many replies to my post just because I am assuming(from the research i have been doing) it requires superior knowledge in digital video. I am about to call MICROSOFT and pay the tech support fee for the slim chance of their crew being able to solve this problem.

Let me give some background info:
Camcorder: JVC gr-DVL805
AMD Athlon Thunderbird 900
MSI k7t Pro 2-A motherboard
Asus V-7100 GeForce2 MX 32 MB
Western Digital WD200BB Hard Drive 20 gig IDE 7200 RPM ATA /100 UDMA
Sound Blaster Live! Value

My computer seems to have no problem importing the video from the camcorder(firewire). I get good quality, the nice big files, the whole 9 yards. I have no problem editing the captured video. The problem lies in the EXPORTING of the video to the camcorder( thru firewire). I have tried many programs but none will successfully export the video. I have tried different OS’s and still no luck. I have tried formatting the hard drive, bought an analog capture card, and buying a new hard drive.

**Here’s what happens when I try to export**
I open up the video editing software (ie premiere). I load up the finished, rendered project. I turn on the camcorder to its proper recording mode. The movie sometimes pops up automatically on the camcorder, I’d say 70% of the time. The picture on the camcorder is shaking left and right. (A frame from the movie). If I then try to record the movie, the camcorder goes back to the normal blue screen.

I have confirmed the camcorder’s firewire capabilities to be working properly by testing the importing/exporting capabilities on a friend’s IMAC with his firewire card and firewire cord. So I know the camcorder itself is fine.

My theory is that there is some obsure problem in the IRQ’s or system files, or some internal setting, that is screwing this up. Is it possible for a firewire card to have no problems importing but problems exporting? a firewire cord?
I am fairly sure that the problem does not lie in the video editing software, because I am using the same setting as everyone else, and they aren’t having problems.

Thank you for any help you can give me, and if you need any more info, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Am I missing something or do you mention the DV card and editing software you are using? This would help.

However, first clear suggestion: Make sure you have DirectX8.0a and the DV update for DirectX8. FOr JVC cams, these are essential.

I am sure ytou could get this sorted out. you are probably best to go to the computer video forums as I am sure this is not an AMD problem.

Give more details like IRQs used cards in your system and so on when youpost on the Computer video forum, which is here:

Good luck

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