Unknown error (Win Media Player6)

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I have the following problem. If I click on an AVI file Windows Media Player (version 6.4) opens and displays an error message "An unknown error has occurred". If I open a files properties and click on the Preview tab the file will play but only slowly with dropped frames.
If I open Fastcap I am able to play files, and afterwards Media Player functions correctly until I end the session and reboot Windows.
I have an AMD K6 on a gigabyte Ga 586TX2 mother board. I currently use Win98 SE although the problem also occurred under Win95. The trouble appeared to start after installing Real Player.
I don't really want to upgrade to Media Player 7 as this appears to add loads of clutter and unecessary bells and whistles. Any suggestions please?

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Yes, I think you should try Media Player 7. In Media Player 7 you do not have to use the interface with 'loads of clutter and unecessary bells and whistles' - you can choose the Classic interface which is the same as 6.4.

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